It’s fun, easy and rewarding to be the hostess of your own “Dazzle Up Your Life!™” Jewelry Home Party with ALL DAZZLE®. When you invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives and others you know to a fun evening at your home, you’ll be dazzled with free jewelry and exclusive hostess gifts.




Booking an ALL DAZZLE® Jewelry Home Party:  If you have a special date in mind, please plan ahead.  Bookings fill up fast and we don’t want you to be disappointed if the date you’ve chosen is not available.


Guest List: After you party date is confirmed, your Independent Fashion Jewelry Consultant will request a guest list.  She will send out a special invitation to each of your guests, approximately 14 days before your show.  You can also call your friends before the show, they will appreciate the reminder.


Invites: We recommend that you over-invite to ensure higher Hostess Credits for yourself.  It’s the perfect 'Ladies Night Out' Party!  Invite all your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances.  Encourage your friends to bring a friend or two.


Get Excited:  Get excited and be enthusiastic and your friends will be too!  Sales and bookings at your party will add to your Hostess Credits.  Your party is sure to be a fun filled evening that’s entertaining and rewarding.  For the contemporary woman, we offer a large selection of exquisite up-to-the minute designer looks that will perfectly compliment any wardrobe.


Party Hostess Rewards:  Thank you for being our special All Dazzle® Party Hostess. You will receive free credit dollar rewards, (15% of the total guests’ party orders) towards all your favorite fashion jewelry designs.  You may also qualify for Exclusive Hostess Gifts and 50% Off Bonus discounts when two or more Party Hostess bookings are held.  There is no fee to host a home party with ALL DAZZLE®.

Click on the image to see the Full Party Hostess Rewards.


Refreshments:  Keep it simple.  No need to make a big fuss.  As our special All Dazzle® Party Hostess, we want you to enjoy the show too.  Serve whatever is most comfortable for you and your guests. Soft drinks, wine, cheese, crackers, finger foods are fine.


Payments:  Please plan to pay in full the night of your show.  When all orders are paid in full we can begin to process your orders more quickly and efficiently. For special orders a 50% deposit is needed. For you convenience, we accept personal checks and all major credit cards. Merchandise is available for cash and carry the night of the show.


Questions:  If you have any questions regarding your party, please call your Independent Jewelry Consultant or contact ALL DAZZLE in NY at 516-442-5900,  By E-mail: or fill out our contact form.


Your Jewelry Home Party is sure to be a great success with ALL DAZZLE®!







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